About us

Kustom 440 is an innovative, full-scale event marketing and concert production company.


Our Mission

At Kustom 440, we set the standard for unique, live experiences that maximize engagement with high-touch strategies and flawless executions.

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Our Story

Kustom Entertainment CEO Stan Ross has been involved in the music industry since his first day on earth!

Through the years of banking, investment firms and leading Digital Ally, Stan continued to support “startup” bands and musicians in the U.S.

In 2021, he started his own entertainment company venture, by acquiring TicketSmarter, a national ticketing platform for buying and selling tickets. He then followed that up with the creation of Kustom Entertainment Inc., an entertainment and concert production company, headquartered in Kansas City.

Our Origin

“Founder, Stan Ross, is no stranger to the music industry. He and his family helped define it.”

Stan’s father, Bud Ross, made his first amplifier for his own band in 1958. By 1964, he had founded Kustom Amplifiers. He was the first to mass­ produce amplifiers covered in roll and pleat vinyl, popularly referred to as “Tuck­And­Roll” naugahyde.
Artists known for using the Kustom brand include Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ronnie Milsap, Roy Clark, Sheryl Crow, Leon Russell, Johnny Cash, The Jackson 5, Carl Perkins, and The Carpenters.

Our Team

The Management Team at Kustom Entertainment sets the standard for unique, customizable live experiences that maximize engagement with high-touch strategies and flawless executions. This includes large music festivals, concerts, custom live experiences, video gaming competitions and sporting events.

Stan Ross

At 19, Stan’s passion for music became unwavering as he set out to create his own record label. Stan is a trailblazer in a myriad of industries like serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally Inc. since September 1, 2005. From March 1992 to June 2005, Mr. Ross was the Chairman and President of Infinity, Inc., a publicly held oil and gas production and service company (IFNY), and served as an officer and director of each of Infinity’s subsidiaries. He resigned all of his positions with Infinity Energy Resources, Inc. in June 2005, except Chairman, and then resumed his position in December 2006 at the request of the board. From 1991 until March 1992, he founded and served as President of Midwest Financial, a financial services corporation involved in mergers, acquisitions and financing for corporations in the Midwest. However, he defaults to his love of live music and entertainment – and KUSTOM Entertainment and KUSTOM 440 was born.

Matt Simmons

Matt is a Nashville-based Event and Marketing Manager for Digital Ally Inc. He has extensive experience in business development and event management throughout Digital Ally Inc. He oversees all client hosting and activations around NASCAR, IndyCar, NFL, various concerts/events, as well as the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Gypsie Hutchinson

Gypsie Hutchinson has served as the Tournament Services Manager for several PGA TOUR, LPGA and Korn Ferry tournaments in the U.S. Her duties as TSM included coordinating 900 volunteers, overseeing ticketing operations, planning content calendars, producing social media and overseeing other Marketing Services.

Corporate Responsibility

We take our responsibilities seriously – at each Kustom 440 event

we support local and national organizations that protect and

empower women and children.

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